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Research Units
1) University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
2) University of Trento
3) University of Bologna
4) University of Roma




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Research Program (model A)

Research Program Coordinator

Prof. Bergamaschi Sonia

University of MODENA and REGGIO EMILIA

via Vignolese, 905 - 41100 Modena Italy
Tel  :+39 059 2056132
Fax :+39 059 2056129

E-mail: bergamaschi.sonia@unimo.it
Home page: http://www.dbgroup.unimo.it/Bergamaschi.html

Beginning of the Research Program

December 1, 2004

Goals of the Research Program

The huge amount of data and services available on the Web requires the development of systems that, overcome the "information overloading" problem of traditional search engines. In particular, there is the need of developing novel tools for the integration, the localization and the customizable fruition of informative resources which allow the clients to "recharge" with interesting data. WISDOM goal is to develop intelligent techniques and tools, based on domain ontologies, to perform effective and efficient information search on the WEB. In particular, we aim at developing systems for retrieving information both from data-intensive and unstructured site/web pages, in an integrated and efficient way. The project will be articulated in three synergic and complementary themes and will define a reference methodological and functional architecture in order to ensure compatibility of the solutions offered by the three themes.

THEME 1: Creation and extension of a domain ontology
THEME 2: Emergent Semantics: Discovering semantic mappings among domain ontologies
THEME 3: Query processing

The goal of Theme 1 is the study and development of solutions to represent the semantics of the contents of Web sources, with particular reference to data-intensive and unstructured Websites/pages.

The goal of Theme 2 is the study and development of techniques and tools to support identification, discovery and storage of semantic mappings among domain ontologies. Semantic mappings that will be investigated will include the elements necessary to solve a query with respect to more ontologies and allow the development of techniques based on language semantics, lexical chains and logic inferences.

The goal of Theme 3 is the development of techniques for searching information, able to exploit the semantic infrasctructure developed within Themes 2 and 3. Considering data/sites hetereogeneity and the constraints imposed by the distributed environment, efficient and effective query processing mechanisms, using sources characterization to individuate useful sources, solving rewriting problems and integrating results from different sources, will be studied and developed.